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Side Scroller Concepty Stuffs by SuperSquiggles
Side Scroller Concepty Stuffs
I ams looking at the idea of maybe making a magical game about fat and magics. ITT there is some concept arts so I can think abouts how I want animashuns to mesh with different sizes. Will probably use 2d skeletons with deformage and IK. I am wondering if there is interest for this!
Rao's Wish-Mistake-Thing by SuperSquiggles
Rao's Wish-Mistake-Thing
I attacked a request because why not. Maybe I will get un-rusty and rainbows will come out! Pls don't be madupset if it is not  yours I am sorry.

This is a request for :iconblackgeno: ! It is Rao from the broadway musical Okami starring the coolest wolf paint brush thing wiimote.

Rao's fate in Okami made me kind of a sad face so I decided that instead of making an oops-bones she made a wish for the biggest boobs ever that everyone would notice. Everyone notices them!
Loveseat by SuperSquiggles
I forgot to post this because laziness. Or maybe I forgott I posted it because I took too many stimutacs. It is forever a mystery of our times and will hopefully be solved soon by Neil Degross Tysons. ╓
Super Spaghetti Party by SuperSquiggles
Super Spaghetti Party
A strange friendship has occurred and so a spaghetti party has happened. It is a party about eating spaghetti on the moon to co-mmomorate only the best things that matter. This is for a :iconkipteitei: . It is also worth the trip because moon weed is the best.

Insomnia Drawing : Swords! by SuperSquiggles
Insomnia Drawing : Swords!
I apologize in advancing. Was reasonably sick faced while drawing this so it is painful, but it's all well. It is a knowledge tome about swords!


Super Squiggles
United States
Good Afternoon,

I, Super S. Squiggles, have found the Jesus Christ in a small 2-man tent in West Virginia and will now have to close my DA account. This shameful display of lust and fatness has made Jesus, Ted Nugent and even the new, slightly-less-bad pope upset and I do not want to go to the scary hell place. You have all been very kind of me, but now Jesus fills my every crevice and there is no more room for you.

    JJJ KK   KK
    JJJ KK  KK

Instead I have been busy with lifes and the things contained therein. I am trying to make congruent triangles happen, but it is hard! Sadly I have no time for the commissioning of scratches on paper and rarely any time to make scribbles at all. Thank you to everyone who was like "I want the art!". I'll still update this from time to time with sloppy, unskilled labors of love. Thanks for all the happy sinusoidal love waves!


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serlink12 Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Student Traditional Artist
I'm so glad you're back!
SuperSquiggles Featured By Owner 8 hours ago
I love you too! ^H^H^H^H^H^H Er, I mean thank s╣!
serlink12 Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Student Traditional Artist
Hug , thank you dear. Meow :3 
CyberFox Featured By Owner 10 hours ago   Artist
BooButtz Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015
OMG I'm so glad you're back! Your art is always so amazing! "That's You" is literally one my favorite pictures/videos Ever!
chernika Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2015
Wonderful gallery !! :thumbsup:
ItsMeEDM99 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2015
Omg i love ur art and ur icon! :3
Fulgrim181 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2015
Are you back for good?
SuperSquiggles Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2015
I'll try, but life is wonk-a-doodle.
Fulgrim181 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2015
I get it, I'll be honest, kinda though you quit after a while but it's good to see you back! :D
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